Enlace Solutions is a premium Human Resources Partner for Midsize, Start Ups, Small Business offering a wide range of Services .

How do you juggle having full-time HR staff AND allocate the proper resources towards your mission?

That’s where we come in. We provide top-of-the-line HR expertise that stays off the payroll. It’s one way you can operate smoothly without taking away resources that are better spent on your mission. More focus on your mission. More resources available to do good. Incredibly capable HR expertise. Our outsourced HR gives you everything you need.

How Enlace solutions help Big companies

  • 1. By providing Customized Solutions
    Enlace solutions provide services when you are in need. These support needs may be driven by peak activity periods of any organization that require an extra set of expert hands for the short-term. We recognize that you might not operate like a typical business. You’ll receive personal, highly-customized service
  • 2. Incredible expertise & Project Support
    Enlace solutions fill knowledge gaps through access to our experts in the areas of compensation, organizational development, payroll, recruiting, and talent management. .Each of our team members is formally educated in HR and has experience working with private foundations. We know your unique challenges, we work to understand your culture, and we get that you don’t need HR expert all the time, but when you do, we are here to help.