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Enlace Solutions presents BALANCE TATTVA, a unique platform for Holistic Wellness at your workplace…

We live in a fast paced, complex and uncertain environment where Stress is unavoidable. Majority of the times, one tends to not address it and wait for time to fix it. In other words, while craft work is normally well-defined, everything else is complicated. And now the COVID-19 situation adds yet another layer of stress. We want to change that by being the First Point of Contact and helping people resolve their concerns before they snowball into a Physical or Mental Illness. Our platform where we actively work to boost the productivity of your organization by redefining employee wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for employers to prioritize their employees’ health and wellbeing – both in terms of physical and mental health – as the virus takes a toll.  Bring Balance Tattva Corporate Wellness Program at your workplace now.

Why Balancing your Tattva (element) is so important ?

Being well is more than just getting regular exercise or eating healthy foods.
Holistic wellbeing means taking care of the whole self by focusing on your Mental, Physical and spiritual wellbeing. Your employees are looking for support and guidance and there’s no more important time than during the COVID-19 pandemic to drive health literacy, elevate mental wellbeing within your organizational culture and help your business leaders understand the positive impacts of taking care of your workforce.

By engaging employees in daily healthy behaviors we can prevent chronic conditions and help them feel and perform their best. Everyone across your workforce – no matter their title, location, race, gender, ability or otherwise – should be empowered with the information and the tools to make wellbeing a part of their everyday lives. When employees’ overall wellness is improved through workplace initiatives, everyone wins.

At Balance Tattva we work on all aspects of Wellbeing.

For your employees’ Physical wellness, we will guide you with Yoga, Meditation and breathing exercises through regular sessions with our globally recognized mindfulness and Yoga experts.

For their Mental Wellness, we have on board with us, certified Mental health experts who are going to help them with, and put light on Anxiety, Depression and many such conditions which hamper their professional and personal life and make them non-functional.

We have added many engagement activities –

  • Mental Health activities.
  • Webinars with industry experts in Nutrition, Stress Management, Breathwork etc.
  • Conducting online  Exercise and Yoga sessions.
  • Short online game sessions.
  • Virtual challenges and competitions.
  • Online counseling sessions.
  • Providing online guidance for exercise and meditation.

Our experts will take awareness sessions on these topics, and one-to-one sessions for those who are battling these monsters. Our experts are Masters in their fields and go through extensive rounds of assessment before coming onboard. We map their efficacy with the help of constant feedback from the clients, peers, and domain experts. This keeps the quality of our wellness programs thriving.

The goal of mindfulness is to curtail stress and promote relaxation by leading the mind into an alert state, which means increasing awareness of one’s physical and mental state, allowing you to fully concentrate on the present moment

Our mission with Balance tattva  is make you the best version of yourself by helping you find your true potential. We want to contribute to the society as a whole because we feel this is not just about stress at work or at personal level, it is the cause of many major illnesses, and with this initiative we just do our small bit to make our community happier and healthier.