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Digital Transformation

The business world is changing faster than ever. The COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve and has rapidly changed all parts of society. This crisis is proving to be an unexpected stress test for HR and for HR technology. At the same time, this pandemic brings a new reality: a high demand for virtual working, with easy, intuitive and ‘waterproof’ systems, accessible at any time from any. The impact of COVID-19 has triggered an acceleration of Digital HR, as new ways of working forced organizations to tap into their technologies and pushed to adapt creative ways.  It is moving at rapid speed, and organizations are looking for new, effective, productive ways to meet the evolving demands of doing business—agility, 24/7 global access, speed and accuracy. From an organizational angle, it is key to stay connected to your employees.

How Enlace Solutions helps you to bring digital transformation in?

Introducing digital transformation of HR by Enlace solutions  which will change everything about the way you work, including the nature of your work, career structures, knowledge, workers, and  workers’ expectations . It mainly emphasizes on the need to elevate digital HR capabilities and change the old ways of working. For example:  HRMs and Engagement Platform, Customized solutions after analysis, Employees compensation and benefits, and Instant Gratification process because employees want an experience, not just a career, and they want to be engaged in their work and their company.

We create an all-in workforce approach, with improved digital tools, effective use of intelligent services, and up skilling a more diverse workforce.

Is your organization ready?

Enlace Solutions is driving digital transformation by putting new technology into daily work.

Companies that have digitally transformed their HR functions have found measured success and are more likely to report strong financial performance, invest in diversity at all levels and have mature strategies for

succession. The next wave of technology will drive more productivity, and that trend is too significant for HR leaders to ignore.HR must now embrace the digital revolution, lead HR transformations and engage employees to reap the benefits.

Employee engagement in the new normal

Organizations nowadays are constantly developing innovative and effective means to engage the employees during this tough time.

 During this pandemic situation, Enlace Solutions is helping organization by evolving many engagement activities like Mental Health activities, virtual learning and development, online team building activities, webinars with industry experts, conducting  online  Exercise  sessions, team meet‐ups over video conference for lunch, short online game sessions, virtual challenges and competitions, online courses, appreciation sessions, communication exercises,  online counseling sessions, webinars dealing with anxiety and stress, providing online guidance for exercise and meditation, social interactions in a virtual office, e‐learning modules, and many more creative learning sessions.

Work‐from‐home regime engagement activities are very fruitful for employees as well as for organizations. It is benefiting the organizations by doing these kinds of engagement activities for their employees. Employees are feeling committed to the organization and stay motivated during this tough time of COVID‐19 pandemic. Organizations and employees are both dependent on each other to fulfill their goals and objectives. Employee engagement should not be a one‐time implementation, but it should be integrated into the culture of the company.

So let Enlace Solutions help you to bring you and your employees closer in this tough times.