Campus Hiring

On-Campus Hiring

Enlace Solutions provides end-to-end campus hiring solutions offering campus liaison, on-campus computer based assessments, interview coordination, offer roll-out and joining formalities.

The Enlace Solutions team is capable of providing Assessment Solutions on-campus for any specific corporate needs. The team ensures smooth and perfect delivery of computer–based assessment in the most hostile environments while automated result generation and short–listing tools ensure accurate and speedy selection.

Enlace Solutions on-campus teams spread across the country have conducted over many hiring events across India in various colleges. Our computer based test is conducted in campus computer labs in a scalable and robust fashion. Till date the team has had significant success in all corporate campus events.

We use scientific employability test in India, ensures talent quality and standardization. Companies have seen their interview-to-hire convert rates shoot up dramatically,

Enlace Solutions Team work closely with companies to map their needs to various assessment parameters and help pick the right set of assessment modules. They also help select the colleges to visit and provide solutions to expand campus reach.

Off-Campus Hiring

Enlace Solutions off-campus hiring solutions have been used to hire many fresh graduates and under graduates. The end-to-end solution offers pan-India sourcing, candidate coordination, computer based assessment infrastructure, scientific assessments, interview coordination and joining formalities.

Enlace Solutions can help run off-campus hiring on fresh sourcing and assessments or through a large database of pre-assessed talent.

Our relationships with institutions, colleges, training centres help us arrange for large infrastructure across the country to conduct assessments and interviews – enabling us to assess 1000s of candidates over a weekend. The entire process is managed by our trained on-ground team ensuring smooth delivery.

  • Identifying Colleges to conduct campus interview
  • Organising Campus Recruitment drive at college along with the respective   placement co-ordinators
  • Provide high quality presentation about the company
  • Pre interview Question and Answer sessions with students
  • Screening curriculam vitae of Students
  • Reference check with college placement co-ordinators
  • Calling students of Campus Recruitment Drive
  • Creating Aptitude Tests
  • Co-ordinating & Conducting Aptitude Test
  • Co-ordinating & Conducting Group Discussion
  • Co-ordinating & Conducting Interviews
  • Evaluating Students
  • Forwarding detailed report to Client
  • Organising One to one meeting
  • Offer co-ordination
  • Joining co-ordination
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